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Recent Tips and Articles by 3 Rivers Concrete Lifting LLC

What is Slab Curling?

Slab curling occurs when there is a difference in temperature and/or moisture between the top and bottom of the slab during the curling process. This causes the the edges of the concrete […]

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Don't Replace Your Concrete, Lift It!

If you've been experiencing issues with cracked, sunken, or sloping concrete, concrete lifting and leveling may be the perfect solution for you. Many people may immediately jump to replacing the enti […]

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Polyurethane Foam vs. Mudjacking: Which Is Better?

If you've been on the hunt for a professional concrete contractor for lifting and leveling services, you've probably come across terms like mudjacking and polyurethane concrete raising. Both are viab […]

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Professional Soil Stabilization: Why It's Necessary

The construction process can be arduous, and there are many necessary steps from the moment you sit down with an idea to the moment the new build is ready to be unveiled. Cutting corners in any capac […]

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