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Professional Soil Stabilization: Why It's Necessary

Soil Stabilization

The construction process can be arduous, and there are many necessary steps from the moment you sit down with an idea to the moment the new build is ready to be unveiled. Cutting corners in any capacity can lead to disastrous results, and professional soil stabilization is a step that should never be skipped or skimped on. Trusting a reliable concrete contractor for this service is always the best way to prepare your soil for a new structure or roadway, ensuring that your new build will last you for many more years to come.

What Is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization is the process of modifying the natural properties of soil in order to prime the area for the construction of new structures and roadways. A mixture of chemicals and cement is used to improve tensile strength, increase weight-bearing capacity, and keep moisture out of the soil so that the natural process of expanding when wet and contracting when dry is less detrimental to the health and safety of any structures built on the lot. It's a truly necessary step prior to construction, and without proper soil stabilization performed by an expert concrete contractor, numerous issues can arise.

Here's a quick glance at how professional soil stabilization improves the integrity of the soil:

  • Strengthens the soil prior to construction. Stabilized soil is chemically modified to be strong enough to endure the weight of a new structure.
  • Reduces permeability to lessen the extent of moisture absorption. When soil naturally expands and contracts, that can cause a structure to shift or settle. Stabilization prevents and mitigates that natural process from causing too much damage.

Why Professional Soil Stabilization Is Integral To The Construction Process

If you try and build a structure or roadway on soil that hasn't been stabilized, it puts the entire structure at risk down the line. When natural soil is left to its own devices, it will absorb moisture and expand, sometimes by twenty percent, causing issues such as sinking, shifting, and cracking. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements well before necessary, and that's why this service is such an incredibly important component of the construction process.

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