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Cranberry Township Concrete Sealing Contractor

Concrete sealing

Although concrete is a solid matter, it is a porous material which means it absorbs liquids just like a sponge. Different liquid substances can seep into concrete from water to vehicle oil, greases and grime. Once the concrete has absorbed these liquids, it would be very hard to remove them. Sealing your concrete prevents liquid substances to penetrate its pores, ultimately prolonging the life of the concrete surface.

How do concrete sealers work as a protective barrier?

Your Cranberry Township concrete sealing contractor puts on a sealer that changes the qualities of the concrete's surface so that when water comes into contact with it, the water molecules form tiny blobs on the surface instead of penetrating it. Then, the water droplets just roll away from the surface. Sealing gives concrete the same protection against oils and grease so even these normally hard-to-remove stains become easy to clean. It also protects against de-icing salts so sealing is especially important on exterior concrete surfaces that go through freeze-thaw cycles. It also eliminates the problem of mildew penetrating the cement, which can leave black stains on the surface over time.

Investing In Regular Upkeep

If you are looking for proof that hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete require constant upkeep, just look at the roads in throughout your town and take note of how much work they require to keep them in good shape. The asphalt used on roads is usually of a higher grade than that used in the construction of residential and commercial driveways, which means it is designed to withstand a much greater level of abuse and wear than your average driveway. Keeping this in mind, you can see why the need to keep up with the maintenance of your driveway is so important. By adding professional driveway sealing to your list of regular driveway maintenance, you can more effectively protect it from damage and reduce the chances that you will have to shell out a small fortune on any major projects, like completely repaving a crumbling asphalt or concrete driveway surface.

Benefits Of A Professional Sealing

Sealing your driveway can provide you with a number of benefits when it comes to preserving and protecting it. One of the single most damaging agents to your driveway's integrity is water, and a properly applied driveway sealer is the best way to stave off deterioration from it. Concrete has a natural tendency to crack if water is allowed to seep into it, and this tendency is only made worse by the weight of cars driving over it regularly. Once those cracks actually start to form, the process is only made worse as more and more water is allowed to seep into your concrete. This can be particularly bad in colder climates where the constant expanding and contracting from freezing temperatures can make it worse

In addition to water, sunlight and even oxygen can hasten the corrosion of your driveway. By regularly having a driveway sealant applied, you can prevent water, oxygen, and sunlight from permeating into your concrete or asphalt and prevent these kinds of issues. As icing on the cake, have a professional apply a sealant to your driveway can also help the surface repel stains from oil spills and leaks, and can even make it easier to keep the surface of your driveway clean as dirt and grime won't be able to absorb into the surface.

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