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Don't Replace Your Concrete, Lift It!

Foam underneath concrete

If you've been experiencing issues with cracked, sunken, or sloping concrete, concrete lifting and leveling may be the perfect solution for you. Many people may immediately jump to replacing the entire concrete slab, but most of the time, lifting is the better alternative to restore the function of the surface. Take a look at the information below to learn a little more about this service and how it can help!

Sometimes Total Concrete Replacement Isn't The Answer

Before excavating your property, it's always best to consult with a professional concrete contractor to see if concrete lifting and leveling are viable solutions for your individual needs. In some cases, concrete may be far too damaged to be repaired, lifted, or leveled, but in many cases, this service is a reliable alternative to completely replacing the surface. A skilled and experienced concrete contractor will be able to assess the area to determine which is best for you, so be sure to reach out to one right away if you notice your concrete has become cracked or uneven.

Give the concrete experts at 3 Rivers Concrete Lifting LLC a call today to see if professional concrete lifting and leveling is the solution for your Cranberry Township home or business!

The Benefits of Professional Concrete Lifting And Leveling When Compared To Replacement

If you've consulted with an expert and they've determined that concrete lifting and leveling is the perfect choice for you and your property, then they probably went over the fantastic advantages of this service during your initial appointment. However, if you haven't made it that far in the process yet, we'd love to explain just some of the many benefits you can expect to see when you choose this service over concrete replacement. Check out the list below to see these advantages at a glance!

Reasons to choose professional concrete lifting and leveling over replacement include:

  • A much smaller price tag. In most cases, lifting and leveling your concrete costs about half the amount of replacement. Not only that, but by keeping your concrete well-maintained with this service, you also avoid more expensive repairs and replacements down the line.
  • A less invasive process. Total excavation of the area is both messy and time-consuming, making your concrete surface entirely unusable until it's fixed. Concrete lifting only takes a few hours, and there's no huge mess to clean up afterward!
  • An eco-friendly alternative. Many concrete contractors use polyurethane foam when lifting, and this material is very environmentally friendly. Lifting instead of replacement also helps keep concrete slabs out of landfills, making it a much greener choice in the long run.
Concrete lifting

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